U ❤️🔫 because 🇺🇸
  1. "Lots of nice, responsible ppl own guns!"
    Idgaf. U kno who else DGAF? All the people who died because someone legally purchased an assault rifle
  2. "If u take all the guns away who will kill the killers?"
    Yo it is v sad that we need SWAT teams on a regular basis to come into homemade war zones, but obvz we need them because people still buy assault rifles (legally) and kill tons of innocent ppl
  3. "Yeah but like imagine these shooters had a bomb instead."
    Whyyyyyy???? You can't buy a bomb in a Walmart or online or at a bomb show.
  4. "Only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
    Okay but that literally almost never happens except by trained professionals, which OBVZ are necessary in a country where ppl can go into Walmart and buy a semi-automatic rifle (if ur white anyway)
  5. "The real threat is Islamic terrorism"
    Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora movie theater, Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, Charleston church, should I keep going?
  6. "But ISIS!"
    Yes they r also fucked up, but still not the reason mass murderers can get easy access to assault rifles in the USA
  7. "How are we going to make America great again if u don't respect our second amendment?"
    better question: when was America ever truly great? (50 ppl mostly Hispanic were killed in a gay club in 2016...this is not some new hostility, but now that hostility can be fueled by legally purchased mass murder machines called assault rifles)
  8. "Criminals will get guns anyway, so don't take mine away!"
    If u have an assault rifle and u r not in the war or trained in combat, I don't think u deserve a gun just because criminals can SO EASILY LEGALLY PURCHASE ONE TOO
  9. "We deserve to protect ourselves!"
    When ur getting drunk in a nightclub? When u sit in a dark movie theater? When u go to ur job where you teach lil kids? Where women seek medical care? ...we deserve to feel safe in public more than u deserve to own an assault rifle, bai
  10. "It's legal so guns aren't the problem, mental illness is."
    It is legal because the gun manufacturers pay tons of money to politicians and media to talk talk talk about waaaahhhh my guns & do nothing about guns because they make money off guns, especially after a mass shooting because ppl are afraid and feel they need a gun too. oh and at the same time perfectly sane but unreasonable ppl see these tragedies and also buy legally purchased assault rifles, because look how much ppl are talking about it, I too can be that famous.
  11. "But forreals mental illness is the problem"
    Just gonna leave this lil factoid here: "The vast majority of people with mental health problems are no more likely to be violent than anyone else. Most people with mental illness are not violent and only 3%-5% of violent acts can be attributed to individuals living with a serious mental illness. In fact, people with severe mental illnesses are over 10 times more likely to be victims of violent crime than the general population." -U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
  12. "Wahhhh my guns, I have the RIGHT to bear arms."
    Ur guns r dumb and so are you if u think having more guns than ppl in a country is totally fine b/c in 1791 when ur sweet 2nd amendment was written, some dudes said u have the right to protect urself with a musket (& also own slaves becuz it's 1791)
  13. "Banning guns will only result in guns in the wrong hands"
    Guns (assault rifles) are already LEGALLY in the wrong hands, logic flop!
  14. "Banning guns won't do anything"
    See: Australia's gun laws' effects after 1996
  15. "Nothing is going to change because we just cannot agree"
    Why can u not agree that no Joe Shmoe should just be able to go to a store and buy an assault rifle that can kill hundreds within seconds?
  16. "Nothing is going to change because we just cannot agree"
    Not with that attitude!
  17. "Nothing is going to change because we just cannot agree"
    K, guess let's just decide there is no solution and let ppl keep killing ppl so we can all live in fear, way to defeat ISIS!
  18. "Ughhh, just gonna ignore everything u have said so far & remind u that I am a responsible gun owner"
    U r rite, I trust u so we shouldn't do background checks or keep anyone else from buying semi-automatic weapons, güd argument. U r good so no one else is bad (except lol Google mass shootings in U.S. and tell me how many of those u prevented by being a good gun owner.)
  19. "Yeah but ur not listening, I am responsible and its private and it's not my responsibility to stop mass shootings"
    Yup, I hear u. Trained professionals should handle it. WHAT DO U NEED AN ASSAULT RIFLE FOR?
  20. "U seem like u just want to get rid of assault rifles, but then ur gonna want all our guns u liberal goon!"
    Yes let's ban legal sales of mass murder weapons! As to ur 2nd point, as liberal goon I proclaim GOOD RIDDANCE. but hey totes willing to start with the reasonable thing to do here, BAN SELLING SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPONS TO THE PUBLIC
  21. "But look at this art I have on my wall"
    Burn it, but in a responsible way where u get rid of it forever instead of killing a bunch of other ppl by burning down ur building, tell ur friendz!