The millennial language.
  1. 👍🏼
    Probably the emoji I used the most often. I am a big fan of affirmation texts and this is the most succinct option. Plus it is so cute.
  2. 🙌🏼
    The emoji version of "Yaaaas" which I use constantly.
  3. 👌🏼
    Used for a more casual cool affirmation text, but also the worlds tiniest violin. Plus, even cuter. (Stopping the skin color emojis due to white guilt.)
  4. 💚
    Green heart of platonic love.
  5. 😭
    I am a dramatic individual who overreacts constantly. This emoji captures that state of mind. Bonus: I cry at anything even remotely emotional so this is used daily.
  6. 😍
    Used in response to all things adorable (mostly animal videos.)
  7. 😁
    My constant emotional state.
  8. 🔥
    Used when discussing my mixed tape.