1. I wonder if that tween bought those shorts that short or cut them to show off her preteen under butt...
  2. There are so many space saucer hats in there.
  3. Should I buy one of those hats?
  4. Am I officially old for thinking that girl is dressed too scantily for her age?
  5. No I'm just amazed she's not freezing.
  6. I'm glad I brought a jacket.
  7. I'm only allowed to get one margarita when we get our table.
  8. And chips and salsa. Duh.
  9. ... And maybe that cauliflower.
  10. ... Shit I'm poor.
  11. I'm way too poor to go here.
  12. Why are we meeting here?
  13. Oh yeah, it was my idea.
  14. Where is everyone?
  15. I'm loitering under a no trespassing sign.
  16. I wonder how long before I'm asked to leave for making the place look low class.
  17. So many guys in see through shirts.
  18. ... Oh there are no tables available for two hours? Shit.