The rule: only things within my power (if not my current budget) to do. Vision-boardy winning-the-lottery list elsewhere (not on ListApp).
  1. Deal with my knees
  2. Deal with my neck
    Ref this list: WAYS I'VE SPRAINED MY NECK. Is it scoliosis? Stress? Whatever mystery ailment my dad has that has rendered him paralysed with chronic pain? Time to deal.
  3. Deal with my tax...situation
  4. Decide whether or not I want to have kids
    And freeze my eggs if so. Actually probs going to freeze my eggs this year anyway.
  5. Develop my autobiographical show into a TV series
    It was optioned a few years ago but never went anywhere. It's mine again and time to do it.
  6. Do a course and/or bibliotherapy at The School of Life, London
    Preferably bibliotherapy but I think the waiting list is over a year. How wonderful does it sound, though?!
  7. Do a double Bikram class
    Just to see if I live.
  8. Do a proper ancestry and family tree
    Having done 23andMe recently and seen some genetic surprises (North African/Middle Eastern, Native American) I'm now keen to properly research back farther than the three generations I know about.
  9. Do ayahuasca
    ✔️ (I started checking things off the list before I finished it. 💯. Would aya again. Maybe a list to come about it.)
  10. Finally do Marie Forleo's B-School
    Signed up 2 years ago, never sat down and did it.
  11. Finish my screenplay
    ...even though typing that reminds me of Don Draper's line about Sterling Cooper having more failed novelists than the Third Reich.
  12. Get a dog
  13. Get back into analog photography, ideally including darkroom time
    I loved this in high school and miss it.
  14. Get better at swimming
    I love water but am not great in it.
  15. Get debt free
    If I stay on track, student loans and credit card payments will be done in 3 years! 🎉
  16. Go skydiving again
  17. Go surfing again
  18. Go to Annaghmakerrig again
  19. Go to Coachella
  20. Go to Iceland
  21. Go to Istanbul
  22. Go to Japan again
  23. Go to Mardi Gras in NOLA
  24. Go to SXSW
    Re 16-24, please see this list about where all my money goes: WHERE ALL MY MONEY IS GOING
  25. Knit a giant thing
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    Like this!
  26. Kondo my keepsakes/nostalgic flotsam
    Not looking forward to this
  27. Learn about money
    Not just debt/tax management (see above), but like how the economy works. Planet Money podcasts are only getting me so far.
  28. Make a painting inspired by the last chapter of The Goldfinch
    It's in my head and has been for a year and a half or so. Executing it will be A Project.
  29. Play Harper in Angels in America
    Even if it's just with a bunch of friends sitting in my living room and we read it out loud, I need to play her somehow.
  30. Read The Pale King and everything else from this list that I didn't read last year, which is pretty much the whole list (ex Purity): BOOKS I INTEND TO FINISH READING IN 2015
    Also Charlotte, and maybe some selections from @strandbookstore's series about what's on ListAppers' bookshelves.
  31. Run another marathon, preferably NYC
    Knees and neck allowing.
  32. Refresh my Spanish
    Once upon a time I was practically fluent. Come back, Spanish. I miss you.
  33. Record an album
    Or EP at least. On track (ha) for this summer!
  34. See HAMILTON
    Even if it's like 4 years from now and they're on their 29th cast
  35. See some of Taylor Mac's huge 24-decade song cycle of popular music
  36. Take the MENSA test
    It will have no bearing on my real life but my little nerd soul will be happy.
  37. Veganize macarons
    ✔️. Not 💯. Too tedious. Would not macaron again.
  38. Volunteer with a humanitarian organisation in a real and substantial way
    I.e. The Jungle in Calais
  39. Volunteer with the Repeal the 8th campaign in a real and substantial way
    Abortion is currently illegal in all circumstances in Ireland due to the 8th Amendment of the constitution. It can only be changed by a referendum put to a popular vote.
  40. Watch Game of Thrones
    I have seen approximately zero episodes and have approximately 28 friends in it.