I grew up Catholic (since abandoned) but I went to a lot of seders. My first love was Jewish & so were my college best friend + good friends since. I love seders. None for me this year though. :(
  1. Having a religious celebration that is equal parts theatre, ritual and eating
    This is probably where my love of site-specific immersive durational performance came from
  2. Mandated drinking as religious rite
    Communion wine was not the same
  3. The feeling of being connected to something happening all over the world at once that's both universal (the ritual) and specific (each family's variation)
    It taps into something powerful and mythic, in the way that Karen Armstrong describes a myth as "an event that - in some sense - happened once, but which also happens all the time."
  4. Snickering at Moses lifting his rod
    Every time
  5. Charoset
  6. Gefilte fish
    I actually liked this
  7. Singing Dayenu
    Dope hook
  8. Ten plagues finger puppets
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    The cattle sickness is so cute!
  9. Playing the Jewish Edition of Apples to Apples
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    Putting that dead baby finger puppet to good use