1. School trip to Paris/the Loire valley/Normandy, spring 1994
    My first trip abroad! It was magical. I vividly remember that smoking was still allowed on planes then and our trip leader had a bit of a breakdown about the hordes congregating in the aisles chain-smoking.
  2. Returning home.
  3. School trip to Germany and Austria, spring 1996
  4. Returning home.
  5. School trip to London, spring 1998.
    I remember we were there when the Good Friday agreement was signed.
  6. Returning home.
  7. School trip to Spain, spring 1999.
  8. Returning home.
  9. NYU University Scholars trip to London, spring 2001.
  10. Returning to school.
  11. Going to study abroad in Dublin, January 2002.
  12. Returning to New York at the end of the semester to graduate, May 2002.
  13. Going to Dublin on a super-secret surprise trip, December 2002.
    So misguided! He didn't love me!
  14. Returning back to New York, December 2002.
  15. Going to backpack around Europe, summer 2003.
    I went back to Dublin, decided I needed to stay there, talked my way into a master's program starting in 6 weeks, and then...
  16. Back to New York in August 2003 to get some things for my year at Trinity.
    It was the last time I'd see most of my worldly possessions, in mini-storage: accidentally didn't pay the bill and they clipped the lock and sold the contents at auction. Yes, like on Storage Wars.
  17. Back to Dublin to start at Trinity, August 2003.
  18. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2003.
  19. Back to grad school, January 2004.
  20. To LA/San Diego for spring break 2004 to see my family since my dad was mysteriously very sick.
  21. Back to grad school.
  22. To New York for the summer/thesis writing/to work for the Democratic National Convention in Boston, summer 2004.
  23. Back to Dublin to perform in the Dublin Fringe Festival/turn in thesis/see what was going on with this guy I met before I left for the summer, September 2004.
  24. To Las Vegas to co-host a game show with my dad for the Game Show Network, October 2004.
    Yes this happened and no I'm not putting the name of it up.
  25. Back to Dublin and Barcelona, November 2004, for my then-boyfriend's 30th birthday.
  26. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2004.
  27. Back to Dublin for graduation, February 2005.
    I didn't really plan it or know it at the time but this was basically when I moved there permanently.
  28. To New York for a vacation/meet family there, August 2005.
    All I can remember about this trip is eating BBQ and doing marathon training in Central Park.
  29. Back to Dublin, to do a bunch of shows in the Dublin Fringe, August 2005.
  30. To North Carolina for Thanksgiving with my then-boyfriend's family, 2005.
    We announce our engagement to his family.
  31. Back to Dublin, November 2005.
  32. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2005.
    We announce engagement to my family.
  33. Back to Dublin, January 2006.
  34. To the US for wedding parties, June 2007.
    After our small wedding in Ireland, we had parties at each of our respective hometowns.
  35. Back to Dublin, June 2007.
  36. To Las Vegas for my dad's 60th birthday, October 2007.
  37. Back to Dublin 18 hours later because I got cast in a thing.
    Worst jet lag of my life. Not recommended.
  38. To NC for a cousin-in-law's wedding, early December 2007.
  39. Back to Dublin.
  40. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2007.
  41. Back to Dublin, January 2008.
  42. To New York for a month of workshops with theatre companies and starting to make my autobiographical show Luck, June 2008.
  43. Back to Dublin, July 2008.
  44. To NC for family-in-law vacation (possibly his grandma's 80th birthday?), August 2008.
  45. Back to Dublin, August 2008.
  46. To Las Vegas for a super disastrous Thanksgiving, November 2008
  47. Back to Dublin, November 2008.
  48. To Las Vegas to surprise my mom for Mother's Day, May 2009.
  49. Back to Dublin, May 2009.
  50. To New York to perform Luck at 59E59 Theaters, then to Vegas for a month, September 2009.
  51. Back to Dublin, November 2009.
  52. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2009.
  53. Back to Dublin, January 2010.
    Actually, we flew on New Year's Eve, meaning we took off in one year and landed in another. Zero acknowledgement of this on the plane by the crew. Disappointing.
  54. To the US for family time/Luck in New York again/sister-in-law's wedding, May 2010.
  55. Back to Dublin, July 2010.
  56. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2010.
  57. Back to Dublin, January 2011.
  58. To New York/Las Vegas/New York for what would be six lost months of post-separation wandering, February 2011.
  59. Back to Dublin to try to pack up my life and move back to New York, August 2011.
    Ha ha ha ha (see subsequent 16 Atlantic crossings).
  60. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2011.
  61. Back to Dublin, January 2012.
  62. To New York/Rhode Island/New Orleans to research a new show and also file for divorce in New York, March 2012.
    Intense trip.
  63. Back to Dublin, April 2012
  64. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2012.
  65. Back to Dublin to do Romeo and Juliet, January 2013.
    Actually did the take-off-in-one-year/land-in-another thing again. On December 31st, I picked up finalized divorce paperwork in New York. Best New Year's Eve feeling.
  66. To Las Vegas for my brother's 30th birthday, July 2013.
  67. Back to Dublin to make and perform a new show for the Dublin Fringe which is DEFINITELY THE LAST THING I'M DOING THERE BEFORE I MOVE BACK TO THE US, July 2013.
  68. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2013 and to also move to LA!
    Again, ha.
  69. Back to Dublin to perform in a tour of a show I'd done in 2013, April 2014.
  70. Back to LA, April 2014.
  71. Back to Dublin, to move back there, June 2014.
    LA didn't take.
  72. To Las Vegas for Christmas 2014.
  73. Back to Dublin, January 2015.
  74. To New York to see friends and John Cameron Mitchell's last performance as Hedwig on Broadway, April 2015.
  75. Back to Dublin, April 2015. Actually I'm about to do this one. I'm literally finishing this as I wait for the announcement to turn our phones off before we push back from the gate.