It was like we were on some vortex ley line of aggro. Crowd nonsense didn't matter in the end though. She was FLAWLESS.
  1. A full on shoving match right when Nicki takes the stage and there's that initial crowd surge forward.
    Vicious teenagers screaming. VICIOUS. TERRIFYING.
  2. A dude spends the first two songs turned away from the stage with an elbow jammed into my ribs noisily hitting on some teenager who is not into it & also OBVS THERE FOR THE CONCERT, NOT YOUR CRAPPY LINES DUDE. AS ARE WE. Worse than someone singing along poorly is someone's weak game in your ear.
    This culminated in: "So what's your excuse for not kissing me?" and her replying "You're too old." He said he was 19. I doubt it. Luckily he got the hint after that and vanished. I was about ready to step in but I fear I lack the physical authority to ask "Is this guy giving you a hard time?" and tell guys to leave uninterested women alone.
  3. A tiny, hammered 50-year-old woman absolutely humping, wildly, the male concertgoers (including the vicious teenagers!) around me during Anaconda.
    Packages were grabbed.
  4. An eight-way tug of war for a t-shirt thrown from the stage.
    It lasted about three songs. It was like terrier puppies with a chew toy and a miniscule Hands on a Hard Body at once.
  5. A cloud of general male harrumphing when Nicki said "Ladies, don't EVER rely on a man for ANYTHING."