I used to love love LOVE shooting 35mm. It fell by the wayside for reasons both technological and not. This strange little unlabeled roll of film turned up in my recent Kondo extravaganza. I had no idea what would be on it. I'm amazed at some of the colors in these & now properly want to get back into shooting on film. These are all OG #nofilter
  1. Washington Square Park, Spring 2012. I was on a research trip for a show I made about how I lost everything I owned and how that affected my memory of a certain period of my life. (Storage unit mishap. Accidentally didn't pay the bill. They sold the contents. Yes, like on Storage Wars.)
  2. Also New York City, Spring 2012. I don't remember where this fire station is, but I think it's near Union Square, and I think I took the picture because I remembered having photos of it adorned with flowers and cards after September 11th. I lost that photo (along with all my photos from 1999-2003) in the mishap.
  3. Photo of the last place I lived in New York before I moved to Ireland. The last place I had all that stuff I lost. Spring 2012. I think these photos were meant to go into the show I made in 2013. They did not.
  4. Some beautiful tree, exact location Unknown, NYC, Spring 2012.
  5. Beautiful people post-Easter brunch, Upper West Side, 2012.
  6. Romeo from the production of Romeo and Juliet I was in, menacing me during fight call, Feb 2013.
  7. The cropped version here doesn't do this picture justice. The more I look at it, the more entranced I am by the colours. Our Capulet/Friar Laurence. Feb 2013.
  8. Backstage of R & J.
  9. Genuinely not sure when this is from - I think September 2011. Ruth, backstage, waiting for her eyelash glue to set before a gig that had us singing pop songs in lurid Irish dancing dresses.