Inspired by @zoe's beautiful featured HEAVENS list. But dark! Add your own!
  1. A hell where you watch, on infinite loop, everything you ever did when you were alone in an elevator or in front of a mirror, seated next to all the people who you erroneously thought could love you back.
    If you're granted a break from this, it's only to see/hear everything that anyone you ever talked to on the phone did/said/thought after you hung up with them.
  2. A hell after W.H. Auden's "God may reduce you on Judgment Day to tears of shame, reciting by heart the poems you would have written, had your life been good":
    a hell where you watch all the plays and films you would have written, see all the paintings you would have made, hear all the songs you would have created etc. had you gotten your shit together. Fully executed. High production values. Top creatives. You are alone in this hell. You share these works with no one.
  3. A hell that's a time machine where you witness all the dark things that ever happened to anyone from whom you are descended, especially the things you never knew about, and are powerless to stop them.
  4. A hell that's a hangover so bad you wish you would just die, but you can't, because you did already.
  5. A hell where you are perpetually the only attendee of a school-aged child's birthday party. They are wearing a new outfit and crying quietly.
    Suggested by @sally