Li.sters of LA: I'm looking for training/classes/something for music/arts facilitation...

Really could have used the relist option on this one
  1. So I'm heading to LA next month for a while to pitch a thing
    But that's not what this list is about.
  2. I had a profoundly moving experience this year working at the refugee camp in Calais, France
    I only made one list about it, here: WHAT I LOVE ABOUT MUSIC The whole thing was too massive for lists. I'm still working on the writing I started there.
  3. And it's made me think it's possibly what I should really be doing on this earth
    Or at least doing something that genuinely helps other people rather than focusing most, if not all, of my resources on career hustle.
  4. Specifically: I'm interested in looking at bringing music or other arts to environments like that.
    I had originally planned to volunteer in Calais with the company who set up a theatre in the camp, Good Chance, but the theatre was destroyed in the demolitions just before I got there, and the company weren't taking new volunteers at that point.
  5. But I don't know how to teach music or drama at all, let alone in those kinds of settings.
  6. SO: does anyone have any ideas of training or classes or something I can do in LA while I'm there pitching?
    I'll be there from the last Sunday in November until...?
  7. DMs and longer chats about it are very welcome.
  8. Here is a cute gif to thank you for your attention.
  9. Thanks!