Stress, excitement, nerves, tears, hope, love. @k8heffernan @Larabelle @LauraJean know what I'm talkin bout
  1. Got up at 6:30, went straight to the polling place so I'd be there right when they opened at 7 AM. This was the queue when I got there.
  2. Passed this jaunty pink door.
  3. Tweeted in Irish: Bródúil a bheith i mo shaoránach Éireannach. Níos bródúil fós gurb é sa Reifrinn Pósta gur chaith mé mo chéad vóta riamh in Éireann.
    This means "Proud to be an Irish citizen. Even more proud that my first time voting in Ireland is for Marriage Equality."
  4. Mooched around on ListApp and other social media. Read the #hometovote tweets and had emotions.
    Best one, from Colm O'Regan: "The #hometovote is like when you're watching The Hobbit and an army of elves you'd forgotten from earlier in the film arrive over a hill."
  5. Got weird news.
    Not referendum-related.
  6. Burst into laughing/crying at the same time.
    This happens about once a year and generally signals that something really big is about to happen or change. It's a weird omen.
  7. Had too much mixed-up energy to do anything but go for a run.
    So much energy + LCD Soundsystem's live MSG album helped too + my beautiful Transgender Equality Network Ireland t-shirt= running consistent 9:45 miles after not running at all for 5 months. I don't even run 9:45 miles when I'm in running shape.
  8. Went grocery shopping. Had to blast songs from my EMOTIONS and POWER MIX playlists.
    Yes, that's what they're called. EMOTIONS mix is for when I'm feeling things but don't know what they are. Lots of opera and things in French. POWER MIX gives me life. Lots of girl bands being loud.
  9. Caught a scent of summertime in the air.
  10. Saw this sign.
  11. Got my free cookie.
    Chose the sparkliest.
  12. Ran into a pal. We talked at length about how much it felt like something to do with school, like the last day or taking exams.
  13. Did a bunch of producery stuff for my upcoming music gigs.
  14. Mooched around on social media, had emotions again.
  15. Realised it was only 10 AM and I couldn't live the whole day like this.
  16. Declared a social media break.
  17. Decided to bake my feelings while listening to Fun Home. Still more emotions.
    Raspberry chocolate chip blondie bars from Vegan With a Vengeance. Snookering omnivores into enjoying my lifestyle since 2007.
  18. Put on the morning show Radiomade Me Breakfast from and had a one-woman dance party in my kitchen when they played "Love Train."
  19. Fielded texts from friends who were also having emotions. Sent emoticon love.
  20. Left the house, rented a rehearsal room with a grand piano in it, played dramatic music on it SUPER LOUD, did a bunch of prep work for Once.
  21. Broke my social media fast. Got fear about low voter turnout.
  22. Went to yoga.
    Deep Core. It's the worst/best.
  23. Checked social media. EMOTIONS
  24. Went to my friend Stephen's wonderful cabaret show and blew bubbles.
  25. Ran into one of the dudes from Radiomade. Made tentative plans to dance in the streets tomorrow night.
    Unlike US elections, the results won't be known until tomorrow. It feels like Christmas Eve as a kid: you want to go to sleep so tomorrow gets here faster but that makes you unable to fall asleep...
  26. Met up with girlypals and drank free wine and had the chats and gossip.
  27. Heard Las Vegas had an earthquake.
  28. Went home.
  29. Had incredible session with my friend Shelley via Skype.
    I can't call her a life coach but I don't know what to call her.
  30. Got in a dumb Facebook spat with my musical partner about yoga and spiritual gurus.
    We're all so tired from this day.
  31. Wrote this list.
  32. Went to sleep thinking of the list I hope to write tomorrow: How We Celebrated Winning Marriage Equality