1. Pilgrimaged here. Had emotions.
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  2. Took this forbidden selfie.
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    I made the Troy-meeting-LeVar-Burton face pretty much the whole time I was there.
  3. Took this other forbidden selfie.
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  4. I think a Buddhist monk told me to YOLO, (no photo for this.)
  5. Took an extraordinarily wonderful yoga class with Elena Brower here.
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  6. Saw this excellent human in Matilda on Broadway.
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  7. Saw the biggest googly eyes ever in his dressing room.
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  8. Ate the best bagel/drank the best coffee (almond milk cortado) at Black Seed.
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  9. Picnicked in Central Park with college friends. Josh brought things to set up and was delighted with himself.
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  10. And the guys played spikeball.
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  11. And I serenaded this baby with ukulele covers of Regina Spektor songs while her mother harmonized with me.
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  13. Went to John Cameron Mitchell's last performance as Hedwig on Broadway with this gorgeous man (about to tear it up in Stonewall and the next season of Penny Dreadful).
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  14. The atmosphere inside and outside was ELECTRIC.
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  15. Had the most intense theatrical experience of my life at Hedwig. I don't even have words for it. Or a picture. JCM's performance was like exponentially beyond anything else I've seen live. I can't even call it number 1 in a list of top 10 or something. It's just another realm entirely.
    Fully ugly-cried about five times, too.
  16. I do have this picture, which is of the post-curtain call bonus song with Stephen Trask on piano. They did "Satellite of Love."
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  17. Randomly saw Billy Eichner filming a bit of Billy on the Street. No photo since I was on the phone.
  18. Made this list at the airport.
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