This happened a few weeks ago.
  1. Day 1: I pass by the Once poster near my house. Someone googly-eyed Tom. I have been left untouched. Not pictured: nearby, a poster for a new show at the national theatre has also been hit.
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  2. Day 2: Now I also have googly eyes. Proud day.
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  3. Day 3, morning: I have been de-googlied. Tom remains unscathed. Sadness.
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  4. Day 3, evening (not pictured, phone was dead): 1 googly eye returned to my face. Just one. Looked very deranged.
  5. Day 4: All of us on the street are de-googlied and someone has thrown something at Tom's forehead.
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  6. Day 5: Now we are a Longitude poster. The end.
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