✨🎅Secret Santa Unboxing, Part 2 of 2🎅✨

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    When last we left the Secret Santa gifts from @lame, I hadn't unwrapped these presents and was saving them for Christmas morning
  2. Yesterday morning, before I went downstairs to join the family for breakfast and presents, I unwrapped these
  3. How have I never heard of this book before?! It sounds precisely up my alley. Today is my designated post-Christmas reading day where I do no work but just read all day and I'm thrilled to dive into this later
  4. Literally cried a little happy tear on opening this. I've wanted this movie, one of my favourites, on DVD for so long.
  5. The tree, decorated; the candle, burning; the gifts, deeply appreciated. @lame this has genuinely been a highlight of my Christmas and I can't thank you enough. Hope you had a beautiful day yesterday. 😘