On May 22nd, Ireland will vote on amending the constitution to allow same-sex marriage. If it goes through,we'll be the first country in the world to determine marriage equality by citizen vote. (Constitutional amendments must be approved by both houses of the parliament, then submitted to a referendum, then signed into law by the President.)
  1. FIRST THE YES SIGNS: There's no word in Irish for yes or no--to answer a question, you repeat back a verb, basically. So if someone said, "Are you on ListApp?" you'd say, "I am." There's shorthand for it though, and "Tá" is one of them, but it actually literally means "is." So technically this sign says "VOTE IS."
    Also, I've been told that "Chomhionannas" literally translates as "togetherness" so the whole sign means "Vote Is for Marriage Togetherness."
  2. All major political parties--and some minor ones--have put up "YES" signs. This is a (not great) picture with the two major parties (and major rivals), Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, with their signs right next to each other.
  3. Labour's sign.
  4. The heads of Sinn Féin and their signs.
  5. The Green Party doesn't have signs up but they have leaflets.
  6. And even the Anti-Austerity Alliance have signs up...
  7. ...and are using them to start campaigning for the 2016 general election.
    Good luck with that, guys.
  8. The YES Equality campaign has their own signs up, independent of any political involvement.
  9. This woman is way cool. She's American-born and was a trailblazer in getting full rights extended to same-sex couples by filing a High Court lawsuit to have her Canadian marriage recognised.
    She's now first openly lesbian member of the Oireachtas (Irish parliament) and the first member in a recognised same-sex relationship.
  10. I see a lot of these buttons being worn lately. IS! Togetherness!
  11. Eccentric mogul Mick Wallace has put up this ginormous pink banner on one of his many restaurants.
  12. A lot of businesses in Dublin are putting up these in their windows. I actually have yet to see any business or individuals wearing any NO paraphernalia, but apparently outside of Dublin it's nearly only NO signs.
  13. AND HERE'S WHAT THOSE SIGNS LOOK LIKE: nonsense. This referendum has nothing to do with surrogacy. As it stands, there is no legal framework for it in Ireland making issues of maternity and paternity on birth certificates a total clusterfuck, but this referendum will not address that. They're deliberately confusing the issue to play on EMOTIONS.
  14. True, civil partnerships have been available to same-sex couples since 2011. However, there are 167 differences between civil partnership and marriage, and only marriage is protected in the constitution.
  15. This one caused a lot of outrage for reasons both obvious and too numerous to list. Turns out the Australian family in this photo are firmly pro-equality and were horrified to learn that their image that a friend had taken for his portfolio was being used in this way...
  16. So they issued a new poster for the YES side through Amnesty International.
  17. LET'S END ON A HAPPY NOTE: The YES side has actual art being made for it. Artist: Joe Caslin. This has since been damaged by heavy rain but it was gorgeous while it lasted.
  18. This cuteness is on the outside of The George, which opened in 1985--8 years before homosexuality was legalised in Ireland. Bravery!
  19. More from outside the George.
  20. And this vibrant beauty is by Will St. Leger and lives on the side of Project Arts Centre, a fine venue known for its excellent programming choices, such as @bjnovak
  21. The unofficial Lego posters are a personal favourite
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