1. Americans abroad!
  2. You can vote in the primaries this week even if your home state has caucuses or hasn't had its primary yet!
    (Does this mean you can essentially vote twice if your state allows voting from abroad for primaries? I don't know! I'm registered in Nevada!)
  3. Here's how!
  4. Go to democratsabroad.org/global_presidential_primary
  5. Find out if you can vote in person
    Most places seem to have very limited dates/times. For example, the whole country of Ireland has one location in Dublin open today from 4-8 PM and one in Galway on the 5th from 1-5 PM and that's it.
  6. If not, then vote by remote ballot
    It still lists O'Malley, if you ever supported him. And, uh, a guy named Rocky I'd never heard of.
  7. The deadline is March 8th for email and faxed votes. Mailed votes also have to be postmarked by then, and arrive at the global Democrats Abroad headquarters in Germany by March 13
  8. You can do same-day registration with Democrats Abroad online up to and on March 8th. You can also register on-site at the polling stations this week.
  9. BTW Democrats Abroad also send delegates to the convention, if you want to set your sights on that
  10. Here's the Dublin setup in a function room at the Arlington Hotel
  11. Every polling station must have a sharp young dude in a suit. It's the law*
    *not the law
  12. We're in Ireland, so of course it's in a bar
  13. Frank Sinatra presides over the ballot box
  14. TOP TIP: there are usually journalists at these things looking for an American hot take on it all. Be prepared! Or say no, you do you.
    Also be prepared to be spectacularly misquoted in the subsequent article. I look forward to seeing what The Sunday Times does with everything I just talked about for 20 minutes....