1. A friend recently posted on Facebook that she'd had a very vivid dream about being a groupie on David Bowie's tour bus. Another friend of hers said she'd also had a similar dream, also very vivid, and suggested that maybe he's making the rounds.
    If anyone could manifest in the dream realm after death it's probably David Bowie.
  2. I've also had several. They seem to all be about finding my voice.
  3. If you've had a David Bowie dream since he died, please add it here!
  4. Dream 1: An androgynous figure, kind of Bowie/Swintony shows up and asks me if I’m ready for a man in my bed. I say yes but don’t know who it is I want to be there. There is some kind of performance of Lazarus/Blackstar in which I'm also singing in this dream & my voice is clear and strong. All the problem areas I'm working on are gone.
    The Bowie figure asks me about potential men but I don’t mention anyone I know, and I say, I think it’s either that it’ll have to be someone new - or that I’m holding out for someone from the further back past, and she says something like, don’t be so sure about her, and I’m like, wait what? "her"? but she’s climbed back into the wardrobe and vanished.
  5. Dream 2: David Bowie and I are talking and he tells me about the Darkness, meaning Resistance (viz. Steven Pressfield). He points to it, the exact location of where it's blocking me in my throat, but we also talk about how delicately you have to handle it, i.e. not feeding it with energy.