A selection from the last two rolls of 35mm I found in my recent Kondo, plus two very special Polaroids. Last in a trilogy. First two lists are here FAVORITE SHOTS FROM AN OLD ROLL OF 35MM FILM I FOUND IN MY ROOM and here THE MYSTERIOUS PHOTOS FROM A STRANGE ROLL OF FILM & THE QUESTIONS THEY RAISE. As usual, all #nofilter. Pinging @eatthelove @nathanveshecco @kiraandlulu @Charlie_Chester @minhal
  1. Roll 1: shot late summer into end of 2010. Backstage with Dead Cat Bounce the night they opened for Jason Manford at the Hammersmith Apollo, November. Damo sips rider beer, shows off the set list.
  2. Jimmy the frontman finds his light even in dim dressing rooms. Alma sports a mustache necklace for Movember.
  3. Andrew serves up woolly London Irish realness, does not want picture taken.
  4. The boys onstage.
  5. The view of London from Primrose Hill, en route to the Museum of Everything, November 2010.
  6. The launch party for the Dublin Fringe Festival, August 2010. Aonghus is in character, promoting his show Fight Night.
  7. Mysterious shadowy figure 1, subject and date unknown.
  8. Roll 2: I had the light meter settings wrong for this roll so everything came out unusually tinted. Mysterious shadowy figure 2, subject and date unknown, likely September 2013.
  9. Mysterious shadowy figure 3, likely September 2013. This could actually be me, either taking an old-school selfie or getting caught unaware by someone nicking the camera for a shot.
  10. The end of a show I did in September 2013 about losing everything from that storage unit (as referenced in my first photo list). The camera featured prominently in the show so I ended the first preview with taking a picture of the audience.
    Then I realised that the accidental, yet still inexcusable, vanity of taking a picture of people applauding me was not how I wanted to end that show and never did it again.
  11. December 2014. I traveled everywhere with fluffy gloves and a Tarot deck.
  12. Every tarot reading I did for about 2 months, I would get this card. I knew exactly who it was about but couldn't admit it for another six months.
  13. Pictures of pictures in my parents' house, December 2015
  14. Detail of feather design on cape, looks like actual wing. January 2015.
  15. BONUS! I found two Polaroids from my parents' wedding day. I don't know why I have these or how I got them. September 6, 1969. On the left is my grandmother that I never met. She would die 18 months after this picture was taken.
  16. They were 19 and 21. Babies!
  17. IN CLOSING: I'm going to get my camera tuned up and take buckets more 35mm from now on. I hadn't realised how much I missed about shooting real film until I found all these.