and this is my first list. Hi everybody!
  1. I can identify blue M&Ms in a blind taste test...
    ...but I'm vegan now so I don't eat them anymore.
  2. I dream things that then actually happen all the time...
    ...but it's always something really boring like what someone wears to a party or a sandwich they bring for lunch. Specific enough to feel like I have powers, pedestrian enough to be utterly pointless.
  3. I have an incredible sense of direction and ability to navigate with paper maps. I'm like a homing pigeon...
    ...but everyone has a smartphone now so I don't get to exercise this anymore.
  4. I will always know who the addicts, recovering addicts, or children of addicts are in any given social situation, usually without anyone saying a word
    Powerful intuition! Useless application!
  5. (This is my family's more than mine): The RIORDAN TOUCH OF DEATH
    When we built a house when I was a kid, literally every single contractor, construction company, design firm, etc. that we worked with went out of business...usually after we'd put some kind of massive deposit down. At one point my dad just touched a company's ad in the yellow pages and then they went out of business.
  6. Crazy strong fiercely ferocious loyalty
    ...generally for things/situations/people that eventually don't deserve it. The (super)power of LOVE! But loving not too wisely but too well.