Things I'm into this week

  1. This tweet
    (I'm also into the Magic Realism Bot)
  2. HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis
    OK I haven't actually watched this yet but I love everything else he's made and can tell this will be The Thing I Talk About at the Pub next weekend once I watch it this week
  3. Quality time with the parents
    They made it to an opening night for the first time since I was in high school. It's a long trip from Las Vegas to Dublin and I'm very happy to have them here!
  4. This interview of Charlie Brooker and the new Black Mirror episodes due Friday
  5. Outlander
    Late to the party as I am with nearly all TV but I'm enjoying it immensely. Love that there are producers and creatives from Battlestar Galactica on it
  6. Knitting with jersey yarn
    It's weird and great and I love the results
  7. Probiotics
    Hacking the microbiome is possibly the future of medicine