Real Talk: We're about to preview Once and alllll the demons are coming out to play. Steven Pressfield fans know what's up. Those Buddhism-inclined like myself know this is Mara. I see you, Mara.
  1. You're not a good enough musician to be in this company
  2. The way that you have to separate from the cast to stay focused is really evidence that you don't know how to belong in a group
  3. The only time you can get a man to look at you with love is in fictional environments. Also, you only get to fall in love in fictional environments
  4. You can't convincingly portray being in love because you've never known real love
  5. You're clearly meant to be alone and your inability to accept it is embarrassing
  6. How can you expect to know how to play a scene where you're playful and fun when you're neither in real life?
  7. There's no point in loving music. It's just another unrequited experience
  8. You can't really be vulnerable. That's why no one wants to be with you
  9. BUT THEN ALSO when I am actually vulnerable: There's no point. It clearly doesn't make you lovable
  10. Everyone except you can see why no one wants to be with you
  11. You're too old to play this part convincingly
  12. You're not valued because you're not as funny or talented as your leading man
  13. Your leading man doesn't like or respect you. Look how much more fun he has with everyone else!
  14. I'm exhausted.