Inspired by @sophia @onlinealison + more. Mix and match according to available resources.
  1. Road trip + sleep
  2. Beach Yoga with Brad + an empoweringly named smoothie from Gratitude + sleep
  3. Tara Brach podcasts & meditation (ideally while walking or sitting in nature or near water) + sleep
  4. Re-reading your favorite novels from childhood/teenage years + sleep
  5. Fancy tea made properly in a teapot, with loads of milk (dairy or non-) + a friend + a really good ugly cry + sleep
  6. Making something with your hands (kneading bread, working with clay, even making origami) + sleep
    I believe Lego and Play-Doh would also work here.
  7. 24-48 hour pause from all social media, internet and email + hot baths + sleep
  8. If nothing else is available: sleep!