Oh hey ListApp. Soz I've been away for a while. What'd I miss?
  1. I'm in charge of the @ireland Twitter next week.
    A few countries do this: have a new person at the helm each week at the @[nation] address. It's hardly the official mouthpiece of the country or anything but it does have about 31K followers and attracts lively debate sometimes.
  2. I would love tips from anyone who may have done similar, or anyone who enjoys a bit of Twitter fame, on good discussion topics, how to deal with haters, etc.
    Pretty sure my method of dealing with haters will be to not deal with them.
  3. Ideas so far include talking about the experience of doing Once: the Musical; discussions about art that actually changed your life; experiences of other foreigners coming to live in Dublin; discussions about the arts in Ireland (policy/funding/international reach)...
    ...could possibly get into vegan stuff but that could invite haters and see above re. hater policy.
  4. Any other advice, suggestions, etc. super welcome!