Once Lawrence.com published a list of lfk classics. Here's mine.
  1. Conroys burger
  2. Cheese plate at Gaslight Gardens
  3. Free State's Black Bean Quesdilla
  4. Mushroom pizza from limestone
  5. Smoked trout eggs Benny at 715
  6. Breakfast burrito from sandbar subs
  7. Burrito king from, well, burrito king
  8. Nuke Laloosh from Johnnys North
  9. Merchants buffalo chicken meatballs
  10. Home style enchiladas at el matador
  11. Chips at mesquisito
  12. Waffle fries and cheese at John Browns Underground
  13. Zucchini chips at genovese
  14. Fried chicken sandwich at ladybird diner
  15. There's more...