1. Saw
    Guys stuck in a gross room. Gross stuff happens. Even grosser stuff happens. I hide my eyes through 1/2 of this movie. Twist at the end. Punches in face to Andy: 2
  2. Saw 2
    Lots of gross stuff, less interesting premise. Needles. I hide my eyes through 1/4 of this movie. Predictable "twist" at the end. Punches in the face for Andy: 5
  3. The Thing
    Antarctica. Aliens. Humor points: high. Bonus for young Kurt Russell and Wilford Brimley. Gross factor: silly. Hid my eyes zero through this one, because CORNY. Ending: passable. Punches in Andy's face for this: 1.
  4. The Exorcist
    A classic. I hid my eyes only once. I have to admit, I love this movie. Punches to Andy: 0. 💋
  5. Saw 3
    I watched 12 seconds of this. Hid my eyes for 42. Turned it off. Face punches to Andy:90. Would be more if we had continued.
  6. Scream
    I sort of love this movie even though the end is insipid. Punches: 0.
  7. Scream 2
    We both fell asleep 27 minutes in. I had already guessed the ending. Punches: 2 for passing out.