Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

Here are some of the screenshots on my phone. I will show them to you and explain them.
  1. This is a game I play called Egg, Inc.. I find it refreshing that eggs are finally placed on the pedestal they rightfully deserve. In this game, eggs are the source of energy the world. Let's face it, we're not far off.
    I took a screenshot of this because the quote was funny and I was planning on posting it on Facebook or Instagram with the caption: "...and a truer statement was never said." I never did it.
  2. We all know who this is.
    I took a screenshot of her on Google Images because I was trying to wish my friend's husband, who is also a friend, "happy birthday" and congratulate him on turning out better than Lindsey even though they were born in the same year.
  3. This is Amanda Bynes and she's the man and that wig is what a girl wants.
    Again, I was sending both pictures (Lohan and Bynes). And found this on Google, although born in the same year, my friend has never worn wigs, never been to court and never worn a wig in court. Kudos to him.
  4. Google Maps screenshot
    A close friend and I are planning on driving to Tasmania and this would be the first leg of the road trip. I wanted to see how long it would take. Clearly, it takes 10 hours and 23 minutes.
  5. This. A pick-me-up, reminding me that the path she's on isn't mine and will most likely never be. Silver-linings.