Another request, promise I'll get through them all :)
  1. Airport
    The best aspects about a flight begin way before the flight itself, but that's a whole other list
  2. Realising you have a little extra legroom because you're sat by the emergency exit
  3. That tiny flicker of hope that you might be upgraded
    I won't accept economy until about 20 minutes after the seatbelt sign has been switched off
  4. Bag of goodies (long haul)
    Mini toothbrush, mini toothpaste, an eye mask, lip salve, a pen and some flight socks
  5. The on board shop brochure
  6. The holiday brochure
    This is where you could be going
  7. Shunning a family member
    Bye dad
  8. When the seatbelt sign first switches off
    Time to stretch your legs
  9. When the drinks trolley makes its first appearance
  10. When your flight is long enough to have a meal
    Usually a very disappointing meal but it's FREE
  11. Sitting behind someone who doesn't recline their seat
  12. Spending so much time browsing through movies you don't get to watch any
  13. When everyone settles down (overnight flight)
    Something very exciting about the lights switching off and eye masks coming down