Things I have read alongside things I have eaten.
  1. @bjnovak X Juice Served Here
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    One More Thing with Juice Flight
  2. Gabriel García Márquez X Superba Food And Bread
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    Love In The Time Of Cholera with Avocado Toast
  3. Junot Díaz X Espresso Cielo
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    This Is How You Lose Her with Blue Corn Waffle
  4. LA Weekly X Canters
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    Easy-E with Pastrami on Rye
  5. Garrett Caples X Abbot Kinney Pizza
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    Retrievals with Salad Pizza
  6. New York Magazine X La Isla Bonita
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    Broad City with Ceviche Tostadas
  7. W. Bruce Cameron X Cafe Bolívar
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    The Midnight Plan Of The Repo Man with Mango and Black Bean Arepas
  8. Sierra Club X Gjusta
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    Day Walks In The Santa Monica Mountains with Grain Bowl Breakfast
  9. Bob Odenkirk X Groundworks
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    A Load Of Hooey with Vietnamese Iced Coffee
  10. Kim Gordon X Sidecar Donuts
    Girl In A Band with Blood Orange Donut
  11. Miranda July X Groundworks
    No One Belongs Here More Than You with Pastrami Breakfast Tacos