Visiting a second time, the shock of "holy cow, it's gorgeous" has worn off just slightly, and I can identify more Alaskan things.
  1. People just don't sleep here.
    Land of the midnight sun is not a joke. My internal clock isn't off; it's broken.
  2. Bears are large and scary and wild.
  3. Pregnant women shoot bears with pellet guns from the decks of their house.
    I watched this happen twice.
  4. I finally saw a moose.
  5. The Alaskan phrase for a wimp/non-native is "cheechako."
  6. It is hard to find fresh produce here.
    Good, Colorado beer had been known to go bad by the time it gets here. 😔
  7. I want to take lots and lots of pictures, but it just doesn't translate the beauty of the real-life experience as well.
  8. Alaska does cool things at graduation.
    Go Seawolves!
  9. Friends who move to Alaska for college and then graduate are awesome.