I love, love, love my job teaching, but here are some other job options that have been on my mind lately.
  1. College English Professor
    Probably the most realistic from this list. I would have a quirky, little office with a fun lamp and a poodle named Arthur. I'd either specialize in British Romantic/Victorian Lit., Contemporary (Jazz Age) American Lit., or creative writing.
  2. News Anchor
    This was my nerdy, elementary school-self's dream job. I used to take the Kids Newsweek magazines home and read them out loud in my room like I was reporting the news. 📰
  3. Switchfoot Tour Associate
    Basically any job where I get to follow my favorite band around while they're on tour would rock.
  4. Professional/Published Writer
  5. Work/Intern with Pemberley Digital
    They have put together incredible, modern, web series versions of classic literature--would be a blast.
  6. Work/Intern with Riot Studios
    They want to make funny, thought-provoking films--would be awesome to be apart of this group.
  7. The person who picks up important people from the airport
    When bands, artists, speakers, important people visit places/ venues they have someone who gets them where they need to be and makes sure they have coffee and food and other important things...Who does this? Event coordinators?
  8. Storm Chaser
    Because tornados/extreme weather are freaking cool.
  9. Middle/High School Theater Director
    Mostly so I can dramatically yell stage directions and acting notes at my students. And put the fear of God in them when they don't memorize their lines. And have come-to-Jesus speeches when they don't sing well.
  10. Vlogger