1. Andrew Bird
    This is my zen/thinking/writing soundtrack. The Echolocations: Canyon album is phenomenal.
  2. Justin Bieber
    Purpose. Yes, it's really very good and not bad musicianship either. For dancing: Sorry, What Do You Mean?, Company, Where Are You Now?. For inspiration: Purpose, Life is Worth Living, Children. For singing: pretty much all of them, but definitely Love Yourself.
  3. One Direction
    Made in the A.M | Fun, heartfelt, a little sassy at times. Love "History" and "What a Feeling" is funky.
  4. The Royal Concept
    Smile | They're from Sweden and they embody downright fun and dance well. Their live show is what sold me. Hurricane and Fashion are so fun.
  5. Sleeping at Last
    So much more than just covers (though those are great). Works are created in a large scale and often with concept albums. Always a plus. And the "Many Beautiful Things" soundtrack is gorgeous, mesmerizing, and peace-bringing.
  6. José González
    Fell in love with his work after "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Always solid.
  7. Crowder
    Crowder's Neon Porch Extravaganza | Some of the same, great tunes, but the live versions take you out to his front porch with some tea and fireflies close behind.
  8. Jon Foreman
    Always. Songwriting is stellar, vocals are warming and haunting in the same record, thinking is hopeful and beautiful. The 24 hours EPs are a must listen. In order or not, they are worth your time: Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness, Dawn.
  9. Switchfoot
    Again, always. Any album. All day. Everyday. Love Alone is Worth the Fight is a personal mantra and comfort.