Currently Reading

  1. Frankenstein
    Because I was an English major (am an English teacher) and I have not yet read it...
  2. Love Does
    By Bob Goff. Reading for the second/third time for a group study. Encouraging and challenging ideas.
  3. Scary Close
    By Donald Miller. Very eye-opening to the way we interact with our fellow human beings. Easily read and open. Vulnerability is the key.
  4. The Martian Chronicles
    Interesting and fun short stories from Bradbury. First time reading.
  5. Relevant Magazine
    Currently working through the Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec issues. Always great content.
  6. If You Feel Too Much
    By Jamie Tworkowski | This one has become an "always reading" book for me. Filled with the radical idea that we should love people because people matter. Willing to wrestle with darkness and seek light. Comfort reading.
  7. My students' 20% Time Learning Journals
    They make me laugh, wonder, and hopeful for the future.
  8. The books of Joel, Hosea, Amos, and Daniel
    Always learning/finding new ideas/meaning/hope from this sort of reading.