In honor of his Grammy awards and performance last night, a list in no particular order: 🖍💙💛💚💜
  1. "God is so awesome. Devil's a liar."
    Somewhere in Paradise
  2. "I get my word from the sermon. I do not talk to the serpent. That's a holistic discernment. Daddy says I'm so determined. I'mma make me some earl tea. I'mma give Satan a swirlie."
    All We Got
  3. "I'm reclining on a prayer. I can't rely on myself."
    Finish Line/Drown
  4. "Praises go up. Blessings come down." ✌🏽🙌🏽
  5. "This what it sound like when God split an atom with me."
  6. "Don't forget the happy thoughts. All you need is happy thoughts. The past tense past bed time. Way back then when everything we read was real and everything we said rhymed."
    Same Drugs
  7. "I'm gonna get by when the going get rough. I'm gonna love life til I'm done growing up. And when I go down, I'mma go down swinging. My eyes still smiling and my heart still singing."
    Wonderful Everyday
  8. "God is better than the world's best thing. God is better than the best thing that the world has to offer."
    How Great
  9. "And all that was left was His love."
    Finish Line/Drown
  10. "I'm a force to be reconciled."