I drove an hour to see this movie with @rachel_weav this past weekend. It changed my life.
  1. That was so good. Like, really, that was such a good movie!
    Said multiple times daily out loud, to myself, in text messages, etc..
  2. How was that movie so good? There wasn't any real conflict—oh, but the characters were perfect.
    Seriously, how did it end up so good? Still, so good! And they were some of the douchiest characters ever, but I still loved all of them!
  3. Linklater is a genius. Plain and simple.
    To make me care deeply about each character and not have them go through any real conflict—the man's a fucking genius!
  4. I think that was one of the most philosophical things I've ever experienced and been apart of.
    I laughed so much and cried and laughed, and I was confronted with such beautiful truths, and it was awesome.
  5. I was totally a hippie in another life. Pot or no pot—I was a hippie.
  6. I really miss college. A lot.
  7. I think I like baseball now. Like, I genuinely like baseball.
    And I used to practically hate baseball before this movie. Who the hell is this Linklater guy to do that?
  8. I want to be part of a Linklater film.
    How does one accomplish this? The man is a beautiful, genius artist who's so devoted to the craft, but more importantly, he's devoted to people and community and humanity and our grapplings with this world.
  9. I want to make movies. My sister and I are going to make movies now. We're doing it.
  10. I need to watch every other Linklater film ever made.
    Boyhood. Before Sunrise. Before Sunset. Before Midnight. Dazed and Confused. All. Of. Them.
  11. How did I not know Linklater before this movie?
  12. Tyler Hoechlin is a babe.
    Already knew this before seeing EWS!!, but seriously. The man is gorgeous. And the fact that he pulls off a ridiculous mustache and great crop tops throughout the whole movie = pro status.
  13. I've read at least five different articles/reviews/interviews about the movie already.
    And I love it even more (if at all possible) every time.
  14. The music of the 80's was pretty rad.
    And the 60's and 70's...the soundtrack was SO good!
  15. Oh, @rachel_weav just sent me a 22 minute interview of the cast from SXSW.
    I get to love it more now!!
  16. Buying the soundtrack was a very wise decision.
  17. Seriously, more people need to see this movie! Everyone must know of its glory!
  18. They straight-up rap 2-3 minutes of "Rapper's Delight" in one scene. How can you not love that?
  19. And the dancing at the disco? Such a fun time.
    Plus, those clothes. 😍
  20. Moral of the story: Go find a theatre that is playing Everybody Wants Some!! and revel in its goodness. Then, because you'll have to, go see it again.