There may be spoilers, but I don't even know if that matters for this movie.
  1. The first 20 minutes of the film were some really beautiful landscape/sunset shots and lots of people in ape suits screaming at each other. I am not exaggerating. 20 minutes.
  2. I guess it is visually stunning, and the music is really beautiful/unsettling.
    I don't know how the music manages to do both at once, but it does.
  3. This movie was really before it's time.
    It came out in 1968??
  4. Just read some trivia from the IMDb—further creeped out and confused by how bizarre this is now.
  5. I've had to pause a bunch of times (probably not the way it's meant to be viewed) because I need to see the times of scenes to show my students.
  6. Should I show this to my students...?
  7. HAL 9000 is freaking terrifying. That rendition of "Daisy, Daisy" was just... 😦
  8. HAL 9000: Probably one of the first instances of workplace violence
    Seriously, the coworker you do NOT want to piss off.
  9. Okay, they weren't lying about that trivia about the Jupiter sequence and psychotropic drugs. I am not under the influence and I feel like I may be high/on a trip.
  10. Drugs sell movies apparently.
  11. Again, should I show this to my students?
  12. Wait. Like, right now—is he in Mr. Darcy's house on Jupiter?
    Seriously. The fancy portraits and sculptures and all the white. This feels like Mr. Darcy's house.
  13. I. Am. So. Confused.
  14. And now, I am also scared. This is now a horror movie. I did not sign up for this.
    Dang camera angles!
  15. Now Dave's experienced some sort of weird aging time lapse.
  16. And the freaking black monolith is back.
  17. Ahh, scary baby in a floating, glowing ball thing now. What. Just. What?
  18. Nope. I'm done. Too freaky.
    Oh, well, it's over...
  19. Gotta love that "Also Sprach Zarathustra." Not.
  20. What on earth (and space) did I just watch?
  21. Concluding Thoughts:I think this is one of those films everyone should have to watch probably. Maybe just because it's so weird. ???????
    I have approved it for student-viewing, but will cut at least an hour of the film. 😕