1. Jonah
    Already on draft #4 of this short story, but it takes place in a desert instead of at sea/on the coast. Jonah is still a punk.
  2. The Tower of Babel
    Set in a futuristic? society with the divisions of class (race & language) after the fall of the tower as the focal point.
  3. David & Bathsheba
    A jealous, and probably dissatisfied young king, a love triangle, murder, war...what more could you want?
  4. Esther
    The poor girl was basically taken into prostitution and bondage and then proceeded to lead her people in a rebellion. #theoriginalhungergames
  5. David and Jonathan
    One of the original bromances. Also some murder plots, war, and espionage.
  6. Daniel
    After his people are taken over, he is spared because he's: attractive/talented/intelligent/etc. then he becomes a trusted advisor to the new leader and has to grapple with allegiances. Fire, war, no shortage of crazy dreams.