Things Students Said/Did Today

The Thursday Edition
  1. Conversation A:
  2. Student: "Do you think we'll still have our basketball game today?"
  3. Me: "Where is it at?"
  4. Student: "Fort Collins"
  5. Me: 😑 "Yes, I think you'll get to Fort Collins just fine."
    It had barely started snowing at this point.
  6. Student: "But what if we die in the snowstorm?"
  7. Me: "Well, I'll pray for you."
  8. Student: "Then I'd be in heaven with Harambe."
  9. Student B:
  10. "If you see snow on the ground, you have to lick it because you never know when it's going to snow again."
    An interesting perspective on the whole idea of "seize the day" and "YOLO"
  11. Student C:
  12. "You know what would be crazy? If I was a doctor when I got older and you got sick and had to see me—Who's the boss now??"
  13. Joke time gone wrong:
  14. Me: What sound does a limping turkey make?
  15. Entire 8th Grade Class: *loud turkey gobbling noises
  16. Me: Actually the answer was "wobble wobble."