Thoughts I Have While in the Car Wash

I have a strong dislike for the car wash (the kind where you sit in your car and drive through). The dislike borders very close to fear the majority of the time.
  1. My car is so dirty that I might get into a wreck if I keep driving around like this.
  2. It's the weekend. I'm not doing anything. I should wash my car.
  3. I hate the car wash.
  4. I'll drive past one of the ten car washes we have within 5 miles of each other and see if there's a line.
  5. I can't go to the one closest to my house because it has the weird wheel lock thing which does not help my disdain for the car wash.
  6. Okay, there's no line. I should just do it. And a bird pooped on my bumper stickers the other day, so I should obviously take care of that. Be an adult. No one likes a slob.
  7. I hate paying money for the car wash. If I didn't live in Colorado and it wasn't December, I'd definitely wash my car by hand.
  8. Okay, pulling forward. Real slow because I hate when it tells me to back up. Okay. Made it through that part.
  9. Here we go. I'm fine. This will be fine.
  10. I should listen to a podcast! (And it will distract me from the fact that I'm in a car wash.)
  11. *finds and plays Serial
  12. Oh, dear God, it's so loud! This is awful.
  13. I can't hear the podcast now. *blasts music
  14. How could it possibly get louder?? This. Is. Awful. Oh, crap. The washer bar thing is coming toward the windshield.
  15. I think it might seriously break through my windshield.
  16. No, it won't. It never has before. I know that.
  17. This could be a perfect situation for a character in a short story to experience.
  18. Character is afraid of the car much so that they run out of the car during the car wash during a breakdown which further amplifies the conversation/emotions.
  19. Oh good, drying now. *writes down story idea
  20. Oh my gosh, how is the dryer this loud??
  21. FREE! I'm free! Praise Jesus! 💪🏽😁