1. Locking my car right before I go to bed at night
  2. Hitting the lock button on my car fob twice when I lock my car so I hear the beep
  3. Pulling the emergency break whenever I park my car
  4. Probably the fact that I smell my food/drink before I eat it (Not every bite, just the initial bite)
  5. Cooking all foods to a correct internal temperature
    Years in the restaurant business will do this to a person.
  6. Eating ice cream with a big spoon
  7. Triple and sometimes quadruple-checking that every line is correct on forms where I have to fill in personal information (Birth date, SSN, hometown, all that jazz)
  8. Buying physical CDs
    My dad's collection has almost everything--from Tupac to Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, The Doors, Elton John. It's awesome and is not alphabetized/organized at all.
  9. The impulsive buying of things (especially movies) and, at the same time, a very frugal shopper (most of the time)
  10. Crushed ice in alcoholic drinks
    Rum & Coke. Mojitos. It's a problem if the house runs out of ice.
  11. Really corny jokes/catch phrases/puns
    "Sweep the leg" "I'll light you up like a pinball machine/Roman candle"
  12. The first ten minutes of any movie are very important
  13. Obscure & not-so-obscure history references (including extensive movie trivia)
  14. A fondness for music infomercials (usually from the 60's-80's)
  15. (Stay tuned for Traits I Inherited From My Mom)