1. Better WiFi
  2. Recycling bins for the paper bulletins
  3. Talk to us about things (preferably big/social issues—we typically love to dialogue if people are willing to listen)
  4. Don't just assume things about us, even if the stereotypes are sometimes true
  5. Please don't give up on us and just wait until we're [insert age here] and out of our rebellious young adult stage or until we have children to help us get involved with the church community
  6. Bear with us when we are angry/frustrated/tired with church
    It will probably pass, and if it doesn't listen to what we are feeling and help us walk out of our bitterness, don't let us sink into it deeper, be willing to change sometimes.
  7. Again, we love to dialogue.
  8. Maybe find new songs to sing and bring back good, old songs to sing. Music is important. Authenticity (not just in the buzzword sense) is important.
  9. We like artsy things—try not to freak out about that when we may share an unorthodox idea.
  10. We are not the devil's spawn if we enjoy drinking alcohol in moderation.
    Theology on Tap sounds really awesome and is on my list of reasons why I could convert to Catholicism.