1. Student: Ms. Weaver, are you married?
    Not an entirely uncommon question from a student—but it was slightly surprising coming from this one.
  2. Me: No.
  3. Student: Would you like to be married some day?
    Okay, now we're getting into weirder question territory. Has she been reading my journal from this past month? Uh...
  4. Me: If the right kind of guy came along, sure. I would like to be married some day.
  5. (Smiling) Student: Me too! Society just seems to think that you have to date and be with someone and get married like it's a requirement for life, but I want to wait for the right kind of guy. Awesome!
    *Student gets back to work
  6. Me: ...
  7. Me: ...
    Don't cry. Do not cry right now. You have a class to teach and these are 6th graders. You will terrify them if you cry right now.
  8. Me: ...
    How are you only 11? You have more maturity than a lot of high schoolers and college students even. Where did you come from??
  9. And that was pretty much it.
  10. A sweet little reminder to keep on keeping on.
    I'm rather fond of the little things. They're not really little a lot of the time.
  11. I don't know why she asked me that.
    Maybe she was feeing the pressure of middle school and "relationships" and the silliness of that in middle school...?
  12. But it lifted my heart—made it lighter.
  13. She is so full of hope, and there's no reason I shouldn't also be full of hope.
  14. Man, I was energized by that conversation!
    It really made my day. Even when my ornery 8th graders showed up at the end of the day, I still felt like killing it at teaching and life. What a cool opportunity for me to be a role model. So, so special.
  15. Life is short.
  16. Live it well.
  17. Peace
  18. P.S. It's almost Friday
  19. P.P.S. More importantly, it's almost Labor Day weekend.
  20. P.P.P.S. Also, there are a couple new live videos of Switchfoot shows on YouTube.
    The solidarity of a Switchfoot show is one of the best things I've experienced. And they're hometown shows, so the vibes are just with it! ✌🏽️😎
  21. Praise Jesus! 🙌🏽💙😎