1. Ayokay (feat. Quinn XCII) - Kings of Summer
    kinda electronic, kinda indie, really cool. perfect for when you kinda wanna drive around and flip off the world, helps you get into a better mood
  2. Quinn XCII (feat Ayokay) - Full Circle
    also an indie electronic mix with a touch of soft rap. this one makes me wanna dance and sing alone in my car
  3. Agnes - Release Me
    honestly discovered this when i was like 12 on accident and tbh i'm still into it. it definitely compares to 2000s Britney Spears but with a Swedish (i think) accent. another crazy dance song for your car playlist
  4. Cardi B - Cheap A** Weave
    makes me laugh, that's about it. pretty much just listen to this if you need to smile (or feel really cool & powerful)
  5. The Neighbourhood - The Beach
    i've been addicted to this song for quite some time now, it's soft and relaxing but a little edgy at the same time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  6. Childish Gambino - Redbone
    classy, slow...amazing. all the feels
  7. Ed Sheeran- Castle on the Hill
    because there's a literal castle on our hill and this song is perfect for class of 2017 and it makes me want to cry and scream all at once