Inspired by @Lacy44
  2. This is my face
    it's okay with the help of some snapchat filters
  3. I haven't been too active lately but I want that to change!!!!
  4. This is another picture of me that I like
    (One of the two that I have taken in the past while)
  5. I am a sophomore in college studying art history and french
  6. I really like books and ballet and stuff also
  7. This is one of my favorite paintings
    It's by Egon Schiele and called Seated Woman with Bent Knee
  8. My favorite French word is flâner
    It means to saunter or stroll and I like to think that's how I walk anywhere
  9. In the fall I am also starting italian
    But all I know so far is what I got out of eat pray love
  10. Not so fun fact
    My period started today and I am miserable
  11. Also I killed a spider earlier
    And I cried about it
  12. That is all
    Nice to meet you!! Talk to me please I'm lonely