my exciting start of ovo-lacto vegetarianism
  1. I was four years old and in pre-k
  2. My class took a field trip to "Old McDonald's Farm"
  3. I distinctly remember playing with chickens and riding a pony
  4. Upon returning to my home, my mother informed me that we would be having chicken for dinner
  5. I was aghast! Eating chickens?? The same chickens I had played with earlier???
  6. I asked her and she admitted that yes, we would be eating the same sort of chicken I had chased earlier.
  7. With the dramatic flare that nearly every four year old possesses, I declared that I could no longer eat chicken, nor any other animal.
  8. My parents were very upset, my father more so than my mother.
  9. They took me to talk to a doctor. I do not remember this, but my mom informs me that this is the truth.
  10. The doctor asked to speak to me in private, and when we came out, he told my mother that this did not seem like a phase, this was a severe moral decision, do not make me eat meat.
  11. And I am still a vegetarian to this day.
  12. Static