inspired by @bjnovak and the like
  1. TV SHOWS:
  2. travelers
    canadian show i'm watching on netflix rn! season 1 is up, and they're making season 2 now! very interesting take on time travel (hard to have an interesting take on time travel bc it's been so done, you know, but they do it)
  3. riverdale
    i really enjoyed the first season (despite some of my best efforts tbqh)
  4. lipstick jungle
    only lasted 2 seasons, but i was so into it! i think it only failed because no one wanted to watch a show called lipstick jungle.
  5. Ugly Betty
    started watching it and now i can't stop. betty is my fav tbqh
  6. MUSIC:
  7. intertwined - dodie
    a track from her new-ish ep of the same name! beautiful! so beautiful, in fact, that it's on the most beautiful songs in the world spotify playlist!
  8. moon river, but the audrey hepburn version from breakfast at tiffany's
  9. MOVIES:
  10. au revoir les enfants
    watched this movie in my french cinema class and oh boy is it Sad. true story about a young jewish boy during world war ii, and it's so sad. but it is also so important, like all holocaust stories — they need to be heard and shared.
  11. la haine
    another french film ! also for my french film class ! but honestly it is such a wonderful movie, albeit a bit heavy. warning: there's a shocking and violent bit at the end that may stress some people out.
  12. frances ha
    such a good movie, but i only realized it on my second watch!
  13. BOOKS:
  14. selected letters of eugène delacroix
    writing a thesis on delacroix, and i'm reading his letters, and omg was he a Dramatic young adult!
  16. guys we f****d
    an "anti-slut-shaming podcast" where two comedians interview every guy they've slept with
  17. MISC:
  18. bullet journals (bujos)
    i've started bullet journaling again, and i think it's going to work out this time (famous last words)!!