james franco is an actor, writer, director, artist, but most importantly, a really weird dude. he's one of my favorite famous people that i don't know, and i saw him give a speech at my college once and i cried. this is just some dumb stuff i know about him. i've been working on this list for like a week.
  1. As I Lay Dying
    james directed, wrote, & starred in an adaptation of faulkner's book in 2013
  2. Broadway
    in 2014, he made his broadway debut in an adaptation of steinbeck's of mice and men
  3. Comedy Central Roast
    so many awesome funny people in one roast (aziz, andy samberg, sarah silverman, seth rogen, bill hader, jonah hill, & more)
  4. Daddy
    james wrote a book of poetry and many of the poems were inspired by the smiths lyrics and then he and a friend (tim o'keefe) put them to music and made a record feat. smiths bassist andy rourke
  5. Exhibit of 'Dangerous Book Four Boys'
    his first solo art exhibition at The Clocktower Gallery in NYC, featuring drawing, sculpture, video, & installation
  6. Freaks and Geeks
    first major role at the age of 19 playing daniel desario, resident cutie
  7. General Hospital
    late 2009, joined the cast of GH on a reoccurring basis playing Franco, a multimedia artist
  8. Harry Osborn
    he auditioned for peter parker, but he ended up playing harry in the early 2000s spiderman movies
  9. Instagram
    honestly i don't really understand his relationship with insta.. but it's there
  10. James Dean
    james played james dean in 2001, and to prepare for the role, took up smoking (from 0 to 2 packs a day), bleached his hair, learned to play guitar (& bongos), & learned to ride a motorcycle; to get into character, he cut himself off from family & friends, including his girlfriend at the time; received a golden globe and other nominations
  11. Kanye West
    seth & james parodied kanye's music video for bound 2, shot by shot, with james as kanye and seth as kim. kim & kanye thought this was hilarious and one time kanye called seth and was like.. you guys should perform this at kim & my wedding.. and seth was like, 'how..' and then kanye said, 'now that i've set it out loud, it doesn't sound like the best idea'
  12. LGBT Community
    not gonna go into all of it bc there's a lot.. he received an Ally Award at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival; wrote an article once where he says that he's gay in his art and straight in his life; "maybe i'm just gay"
  13. McDonald's
    "McDonald's was there for me when no one else was." james worked at McD's to support himself after dropping out of UCLA and his parents refused; he was a vegetarian until working there
  14. North Korea
    in 2014, rogen and franco starred in the interview, a comedy about a talk show host who gets hired to assassinate the north korean dictator
  15. Oscars
    not the greatest honestly, we know it, he knows it, everyone knows it
  16. Palo Alto
    a book of short stories written by james and then turned into a film directed by gia coppola and starring james, emma roberts, nat wolff, & more; titled after his hometown
  17. Quinto, Zachary
    they starred in i am michael together where james played a gay activist who denounced homosexuality to become a pastor
  18. Rogen, Seth
    they're ridiculous and i love it.. also they were on naked and afraid once
  19. Spring Breakers
    he plays the iconic Alien.. that's all (also his performance carried the movie)
  20. Tina Fey
    one time in an episode of 30 Rock james played an exaggerated version of himself, and had a threesome with tina fey's liz lemon and his japanese body pillow
  21. Upcoming Projects
    just gonna list stuff he has coming up in the next few years: actors anonymous (he wrote the book), the mad whale, why him?, zeroville, kill the czar, the trap, the vault, the masterpiece, the long home, the institute, the heyday of the insensitive bastards, the deuce, black dog red dog, blood surf, arctic justice: thunder squad, killing animals, mississippi requiem, future world, kin, rant, the kid, jt leroy, drunken fireworks
  22. Voice Acting
    he's voice acted in few things: sausage party (not my thing) and the 2016 version of the little prince (into it! he voiced the fox!), & he also did the voice for the spiderman 3 video game
  23. Walk of Fame
    in 2013, james got his star !! i was proud
  24. X-Rated Art
    he has made a lot of weird stuff, including interior. leather bar. (2014), a docufiction film about lost sexually explicit footage from the 1980 film cruising; for daddy's music video, he just, like, directed a porno with the goal of desexualizing sex
  25. Y - Yale University
    not sure what school this is from actually.. he has a lot of degrees, including a phd from yale in literature
  26. Zombies
    he's in this is the end (2013) with many other celebrities such as seth rogen, michael cera, jonah hill, jay baruchel, emma watson, etc. there are zombies at some point, i think
  27. 127 Hours
    a lot of people in movies get a good performance by acting off of others around them, but james is on screen alone for most of the movie and still manages an oscar nom worthy performance