Inspired by @Boogie, and therefore also by @andersun
  1. Monsters, Inc... ON ICE
    i dont really remember any of this, but i got a really cool cup
  2. Cheetah Girls/Hannah Montana in concert
    stood outside after the concert and met them and sabrina (?) told me she liked my shoes
  3. High School Musical The Concert
    where drew seeley took zac efron's place
  4. Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers
    during the time when the rumors about miley & nick dating were going around!!! very exciting
  5. Annie: The Musical
    it made me want to be an orphan & started my great love of musicals
  6. My Fair Lady
    saw it with my mom, my friend, and her mom
  7. The Rockettes
    with my grandmother, i believe
  8. Wicked
    one of the favs! saw it once with my grandmother and friend caroline and another time with my mother
  9. Cats
    it was wild, a cat almost sat on me
  10. Oliver!
    i saw oliver! in the london west end with my grandmother when i was 13 and it rekindled my desire of being an orphan
  11. Les Miserables
    saw les mis with my mom in 2011, it's our favorite show
  12. Foster The People/The Kooks/Kimbra
    my parents drove my friend allyssa and me 10 hours to georgia to see this show
  13. Relient K/Mike Mains/Switchfoot/Etc.
    i've seen my boys RK live 7 times & i love them
  14. This Is Our Youth
    saw this in new york on broadway (my first broadway show!!!) and there were only 3 actors in it: michael cera, kieran culkin, and @tavi gevinson (i met all of them after the show at stage door! they were all so kind)
  15. FIDLAR
    they played a show at my school and it was the first concert i've been to alone
  16. La Traviata
    my university's production of la traviata — it was incredibly well done
  17. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
    saw this last saturday actually with my mom & grandmother in new york on broadway! it was so good & i had no idea carole king wrote so many incredible songs
  18. Kinky Boots
    sunday i saw kinky boots with BRENDON URIE in it on broadway! i cried
  19. Perfect Crime
    i saw perfect crime on monday! it's the longest running play in new york and it's off broadway! the main actress has been in the show since it started thirty years ago and she's only missed 4 performances for sisters' weddings!! i got to meet her before the show and she's incredible!