The good news is I move out in 2 weeks.
  1. FWB is inevitable. All the fun of sex without the feelings!
    *Except the feelings are still there for 1/2 of the FWB pair, in the wide gap between our mouths while there are no gaps between our pelvises.
  2. Netflix nights become either awkward Netflix & "Accidental Chill" or awkward Netflix and 4 ft of silent couch space.
  3. When your ex takes a weeklong trip to visit another girl.
    To be fair, the perk of this was being able to be pantsless all day with no one in the house.
  4. Still paying for both of our food???
  5. Seeing a movie in a theater and pretending it's not exactly like date night.
  6. Texting other people while in the same room.
  7. Texting other people, competitively, while in the same room.
  8. Literally everything is awkward.
  9. Everything.