Requested by Janna


Alternately titled: LOVE OF MY LIFE
  1. This is Pepper--earlier today to be exact!
    Can you even see her wrapped in all those blankets?!
  2. She is a 6 year old Miniature Schnauzer and is the love of my life 💕
  3. She came to Cape Cod all the way from Texas
    Clearly she is very comfortable here
  4. She LOVES green beans...and cucumbers!
    She is so shaggy here, but this is her "give me your food" face
  5. One of her favorite things to do is curl up under blankets
  6. This is her on our kitchen table
    Because we are HORRIBLE dog owners
  7. She gets whatever she wants
    She practically eats dinner with us
  8. And in the house we take off her collar
    If her collar is off we call her a "free elf," like Dobby w/ the sock in Harry Potter
  9. If you could not already tell, she loves to have her belly rubbed
  10. Her favorite chew toy is her candy cane
    It used to be shaped like a candy cane I swear
  11. She has so many nicknames that I'm honestly surprised she responds to Pepper
    Pepperoni, roni, pepsi, pepsi cola, snoop...I could list about 100 more
  12. Enjoy this heavily filtered instagram photo of her being super modest
  13. Her face is so sweet !
    But let me tell you, she is a protective little dog. Don't mess with her family or her house. Honestly don't mess with her street--she rules with an iron fist
  14. She can be pretty mean sometimes but has gotten much better !
    Thankful for puppy prozac !! (Which I think is just smaller doses of human prozac tbh)
  15. She will drink your coffee or chai if you're not careful...
  16. And she has been wine drunk before
    She drank an entire glass of wine that was accidentally left out where she could reach it. We had to drag her drunken ass to the emergency vet so they could inject her with electrolytes and fluids! So funny to think about now, but not so funny at the time.
  17. She is the best and I wouldn't trade her for anything ❤️