I feel personally attacked by...
  1. Matty Healy
    kill me kill me kill me..this billboard shoot 💕
  2. Milo Ventimiglia
    Rory doesn't need a man to define her but if *I* had to pick I would be #TeamJess ‼️‼️
  3. Heath Ledger
    I miss you bb
  4. Ezra Miller
  5. Alex Turner
  6. Dev Patel
    scruffy and beautiful
  7. John Krasinski
  8. Ezra Koenig
    love the Ezra's !!!
  9. Michael B. Jordan
  10. Matthew Gray Gubler
    get this guy on @list !!! he would be so welcome here
  11. Harry Styles
  12. Robert Sheehan
    holy moley those eyes could kill 😍
  13. Jay Baruchel
  14. And Matthew again because he is a wonderful noodle angel